Child and Adolescent Psychologists and Psychological Associates

Child and Adolescent Psychologists and Psychological Associates


The Possibilities Clinic is looking for Psychologists and Psychological Associates to join our team. If you are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario you currently have countless employment options. So why choose us? As a thriving interdisciplinary practice we have much to offer. If any of these statements below apply to you, we need you and we want you:


  • You respect your field but recognize the value in looking outside of it to enhance your perspective: At Possibilities you’ll work on Team assessments and interventions with psychiatrists, pediatricians, social workers, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists.


  • You are best defined as a creative visionary; You exist outside the box, not in it, willing to redefine how you deliver service with current, evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for children, adolescents, and young adults.


  • You work tirelessly to de-jargonize reports to enhance communication: Our clinicians are fearless when it comes to rethinking and redefining our reports to make them more user-friendly for our clients.


  • You’ve done more than draw the normal curve when giving feedback: No? We use props of all kinds: stacked cups, infographics, cartoons, toys. We push the envelope (and draw it, too!) when it comes to communicating our findings and recommendations.


  • You recognize that highly specialized expertise comes from a focused perspective: We limit our pediatric practice to ADHD, LD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD and Anxiety. Work with us and you’ll know these well, in all of their complexity.


  1. MA or Ph.D. in Psychology
  2. Current registration in good standing with The College of Psychologists of Ontario
  3. Declared competency in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, or Neuropsychology
  4. French testing ability an asset


  • Independent contractor for fee-for-service assessment services.
  • Program/Service/Department: ADHD, LD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD and Anxiety Clinic
  • Work Status: Contract
  • Salary: Fee-for-service

Please submit CV and Cover Letter to