College of Psychologists of Ontario’s (CPO) Quality Assurance Regulation Amendments Approved by Government (CPO & MOHLTC, April 2015)

The CPO has worked for many years on a series of proposed amendments to the Quality Assurance Regulation, for the purposes of increasing the College’s authority with respect to its QA program.These amendments, which have been approved by Government and required revisions to the Psychology Act, allow the College increased powers in implementing a QA program that is designed to foster an expanded model of continued professional development and to better assess the needs within smaller sub-groups of the College membership (e.g. migrating to stratified random sampling instead of random sampling for Peer and Practice Review).

Currently, these amendments only impact the manner in which the CPO and its Quality Assurance Committee may manage related programs and regulations. This means that CPO members have no additional requirements at this time and that any changes to requirements in the future will be announced well in advance of implementation.

The amendments to the Psychology Act are available online by clicking here.