OAPA Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

OAPA Vision

Revised October 2017

We are partners in making psychological services accessible, effective, and regulated under
Ontario Health laws. We are committed to supporting our members in providing competent,
ethical, and client-centered psychological services to the public.


OAPA Mission

To be the professional voice for Master’s-prepared licensed Psychological Associates and
Psychologists across Ontario.

To strengthen the role of Master’s-prepared practitioners within the community of licensed
Psychologists and Psychological Associates, and to promote awareness of their full scope of
practice, ensuring that their role is understood, recognized and optimized.

To influence regulatory and legislative policy enabling Master’s-prepared Psychologists and
Psychological Associates to make their professional skills fully available to those who seek
them, and to enhance access to psychological services.

To be a professional association dedicated to serving the public interest. To pursue the public
interest by promoting access to needed psychological services, provided by qualified and
licensed professionals in psychology, in all regions of Ontario.

To support the professional development of Master’s-prepared practitioners and to provide
advice to members on professional issues, encouraging continuous learning and high standards
of professional practice in accordance with the College of Psychologists’ regulations.

To be a resource for organizations and individuals, public and private, who seek to enhance
mental health services to the public, particularly in health care, education, social services,
correctional services and workplaces.


OAPA Strategic Objectives 2017-2020

1. We will uphold the progress made towards full integration of Master’s-prepared licensed
practitioners into the community of Ontario Psychologists and press for fairness in
professional licensing.
2. We will facilitate professional information-sharing among our members to enhance their
ability to serve their clients, and to assist those who are preparing for registration.
3. We will advocate for greater access to mental health services for all residents of Ontario.
4. We will promote awareness of professional psychology, including the role of Master’s prepared
Psychologists and Psychological Associates, in enhancing access to regulated
psychological services.
5. As professionals, we will support each other in providing ethical and client-centred
6. We will work towards more unified and collegial relationships among all regulated
members of our profession.
7. We will encourage member contributions to public education around psychological
services, and facilitate professional development for our members.