Psychological Services and Healthy Living

When you come up against a life challenge and find that your usual ways of dealing with it don’t seem to work well, especially if the results are upsetting you or creating other problems, it may be time to consult a Psychological Associate or a Psychologist. With his or her specialized knowledge of human behaviour and emotions, and skill in supportive dialogue, a psychology professional can work with you to identify issues and new approaches that can lead to better results and feelings of calm and competence.

Sometimes other professionals will recommend that you have a psychological assessment or seek a diagnosis, perhaps in order to determine if you are eligible for other services. Psychological Associates and Psychologists are well-equipped to use scientifically-validated tests to answer questions about behaviours that interfere with effective living, as well as strengths that may help you adapt and perform well. For example, if a child is not doing as well at school as you think he or she could, a psychological assessment can identify a particular need and provide
recommendations to guide teachers and parents.

Some people decide to consult a Psychological Associate or a Psychologist when there is no particular problem in their life, but they believe they could do better or feel better. For example, they may wonder if a career change would enhance their life, if they could be a better leader in their workplace, or they may want to develop skills to better handle situations that bring strong emotions in their family or at work.