Why and When to Seek Help

Why and when might you benefit from the services of a Psychological Associate or a Psychologist?

You may be dealing well with life’s ups and downs as they happen.  However, occasionally you may realize that there is a problem you don’t quite understand or know what to do about.  You would like to find some new ideas, or figure out what is going on so that things don’t snowball into bigger problems or just to help life go more smoothly.

Here are some examples of the questions that people bring to start a consultation:

I just don’t have the energy to do the things I used to do easily, but my doctor says
I’m okay physically.

My spouse and I seem to be fighting all the time and I don’t know what to do.

I know my child is smart, but he or she is not doing well at school.

My child used to be cooperative and helpful but now he/she seems to always be withdrawn or angry.

People tell me that I am not myself these days. I’m forgetting things, and the smallest things irritate me. I can’t seem to do the things I used to be able to do.

My temper is getting me into trouble at work.

I feel stressed all the time.

I had an accident at work and can’t go back to my old job.

I don’t think my work uses all my best abilities.  I wonder if there is something else I could do.

I work harder than my colleagues, but my boss says I’m not performing up to expectations.

I can’t sleep at night. Things that happened to me in the past still bother me today, interfere with my relationships and make me want to harm myself.


Most people who call on a Psychological Associate or a Psychologist are more open, curious, and courageous than the average.  They are not satisfied to blame others for their problems or to sit back and ignore that they are feeling overwhelmed or confused.  They don’t want to sink into discouragement or bitterness.  They want to understand and do something constructive to make their life better. The time required may be just a few sessions, or it may be over a longer period.  Often all it takes to benefit from psychological services is a willingness to take a little time to explore with a non-judgmental professional, and a desire to make your life better.