Why use a Licensed Professional?

As licensed providers of psychological services, Psychological Associates’ and Psychologists’ qualifications have been rigourously examined and are continually subject to quality assurance requirements.   They are guided by a professional code of ethics and standards of practice.

In Ontario, Psychological Associates and Psychologists are regulated by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.  The College is responsible for:

  • establishing licensing requirements
  • examining candidates
  • granting licenses for professionals to practice
  • limiting practice for:
    • newly-trained professionals requiring supervision
    • licensed members when training to practice in a new area

The College runs a quality assurance program designed to ensure that all practitioners keep up-to-date with developments in their field and that they practice appropriately.  When patients or clients have concerns about service received from a Psychological Associate or a Psychologist, the College of Psychologists is available to provide direction.