Conferences and Professional Workshops

OAPA Annual Conference

Meeting 21st Century Transformational Change Challenges: Mapping Collective School Based Mental Health Support

November 17th, 2017

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Weston Golf and Country Club

50 St. Phillips Road, Toronto, Ontario




EQUITY: We are all different and that really is a good thing.

“Innovation appears to be not the output not of masters of one trade, but the synthesis of many domains. The challenge becomes how to “teach” a new generation of synthesizers, those who are able to see the forest and understand (at some level) the trees. Currently, being the master of one trade in mental health and wellness involves an increasing volume of deep expertise that almost by necessity precludes one from being a “jack” of multiple trades. – Joseph Ferenbok, Ph.D.


Robert Kegan, Ph.D. – Harvard University

Morning (All Attendees) – An Everyone Culture: Becoming Deliberately Developmental

Afternoon (Option A, Workshop) – Immunity to Change: How to Overcome it and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization

Robert Kegan will explore honouring all professional voices for true transformational change on individual, group and organizational levels which will lead to reaching more students and clients, deliberately and effectively.

While organizations have attempted many creative solutions to respond to increasing demands for mental health and wellness services, implementation of such solutions have either failed or not met their potential due to a lack of inclusion and a persistence towards professional silos. This conference will move beyond Implementation to begin the process of mapping out true change which respects all voices.


Devon Nambiar, MSc. Rainbow Health Ontario

Afternoon (Option B) – Introduction to LGBTQ2S and Mental & Emotional Health

This interactive workshop provides an overview of LGBTQ2S in North America and a global perspective. The session addresses the social and history of LGBTQ, exploring the differences between sex and gender, sexual behavior versus sexual orientation and exploring gender identity and gender expressions. The participants will learn of various LGBTQ2S terms and definitions and health disparities affecting gender independent children and LGBTQ2S youth.  We will explore an overview of trans related care; transition, hormones, access to transition related surgeries (TRS), inclusive pronouns and language, OHIP card, and all gender washrooms.

Canadian studies show that LGBTQ2S people report higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders, poorer self-perceived mental health status, and higher rates of lifetime suicidality relative to heterosexuals. Furthermore, there is evidence to show that substance use may be higher in LGBTQ2S communities due to homo/bi/transphobia and that patterns of use are different.

Participants will learn of clinical and culturally competent practices, cultural safety and humility, and how to provide good health care. The session uses a blended learning style utilizing didactic, videos, quiz/ exercises and case scenarios.


  • Broadening the definition of sexual fluidity: sexual behaviors vs. sexual orientations
  • Going beyond the binary: gender identities and gender expressions
  • Understand health disparities and needs of LGBTQ2S
  • Increase confidence to provide cultural and clinically competent services to LGBTQ2S communities

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