Website Primer: News and Public Policy

OAPA’s new website is a major leap forward for the association and already rivals similar offerings from many other provincial and federal psychology organizations. While we already have a lot of exciting new content and resources, there is even more to come over the next year as the site grows along with our membership. As there is a lot to see and do, OAPA will be providing a series of Website Primer’s over the next couple of weeks to help our membership and visitors find the information they are looking for.

Today I would like to take an opportunity to introduce everyone to the News and Public Policy section of our website:


OAPA Speaks Out

This section includes copies and rationale behind any consultations or other matters that OAPA has actively responded to in writing. This will typically include stakeholder consultations from the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Ministry of Health, related advisory panels, and other parties that are seeking a response from either the public or regulated health sector. There are also times when OAPA decides to convey information to third parties (e.g. the insurance sector), has press releases of interest, or releases an opinion piece. In these instances, the full text or an appropriate summary will be provided here.
As administrators we have complete control over who can see this content. Some releases will be for members only, while others will be for public consumption and noted as such. This will allow us to keep the membership informed of key issues and talking points, while still providing information that is more relevant for the public.

Members will also be able to speak about any OAPA releases in our forums, as a thread will be created for each new posting in the OAPA Speaks Out section of the site. Non-members are also invited to share their thoughts by contacting the association directly.

Ministry of Health Statements and Decisions 

This section focuses on statements and decisions made by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As we regularly monitor these channels and interact frequently with the Ministry, OAPA strives to provide each of you with the information you need to continue provide competent care and to understand legislative shifts and rulings that may have a direct impact on your practice. The releases are generally provided without comment, though occasionally we may provide an opinion on these matters through other sections of the website.

RHPA and Health Services

This section of the News and Public Policy website will likely see the least amount of changes, as the RHPA rarely sees major revisions. When it does, however, the impact on our work can be quite substantial. Check here for the latest information on the RHPA and other aspects of regulation that have a direct impact on the practice of psychology.